At the age of 33 I was a disaster…stroke, carotid artery 60% blocked, goiter on my thyroid 3.97 cm, triglycerides 637, cholestrol 337, migraines pretty much everyday.  In just 6 months, I learned a whole new way of eating, exercising and yes – meditating!  My Carotid artery had one tiny little speckle, goiter down to 1.25 cm, tryglycerides 209, cholesterol  to 235, and no more migraines! My new eating plan also leveled out my hormones…moods… Those are RESULTS!!!  I had found my answers!  My family no longer worries that they won’t have a Mom, wife, daughter,aunt…. They see my energy and confidence grow everyday and love it!  I’ve continued on my journey and I am strong and have lost a total of 70 POUNDS- from a size 16 to a 3!!!  I’m thankful everyday that I get to raise my own children, and show them how live foods bring so much life to us!  Cynthia is a very inspired woman with a ton of knowledge to share, to help each individual person.

Thank you for showing me how to get my life back and cherish it!

Wendy L.