I believe that people and opportunities come into our lives as gifts.  These gifts become our blessings.  Cynthia is a gift and her program of healing body, mind and spirit is a blessing.  I enrolled in her Word of Wisdom class last Fall and I was spiritually fed principles of truth.  It peaked my interest to learn more as I was convinced that I too could reverse my health with wholesome food and natural remedies.  The idea that our bodies were created to heal themselves when given proper nutrition became a reality to me!  What I am learning I am now teaching my husband.  A recent heart attack has changed his lifestyle.  Medication and side effects isn’t how he wants to live.   The quote by Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is so profound.   Cynthia is an inspired and gifted teacher.  Her program is phenomenal and it changes lives.  We are excited to see what our new numbers will be!

-Karleen Byerley

Karleen Byerley

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