Healthy Breakfast Idea’s for Weight Loss

When I first started eating better in the morning I thought I was going to starve! I was so used to cereal, toast and other heavy, and processed food that I didn’t feel like I was getting enough.  Mostly it was just the mental cravings.  Once I got passed that I realized I felt amazing! And fulfilled! AND I got results!

Can we really lose weight by being mindful of what kind of food we start our day with? Yes! It is vital to eat simple in the morning. This is because your body is in elimination cycle. When you eat simple, your body is able to use the energy to work on eliminating, getting rid of toxins, and moving things out. This means if you eat a highly processed and cooked breakfast, then you’re using the energy on digesting the food instead of allowing your body to go through the cycle that it needs to. Watch the this video to get lots of ideas on what you CAN have in the morning that tastes good and supports your weight loss goal.

In this video I share some healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss that a lot of people I know have been asking for.


  1. I love green smoothies for breakfast. But I hated that I was always shaky and hungry 2 hours later. Then I started putting soaked chia seeds in too and that’s made a big difference:) Thanks for all of these ideas and tips. I’m excited to try them.

    • So happy you found something to add that works for you! Chia seeds are so powerful!

  2. I add coconut oil too! It is a great way to boost the immune system and thyroid. It is also a great source of healthy fat. So awesome that you are taking time to make and drink nutrient dense food! Thanks for your comment Linnell.


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