Healing As A Whole: Body, Mind, & Spirit

By: Jenni Orton, Melissa Taylor, Cynthia Sumner

We invite you to choose courage and embark on your whole healing journey with us! Jenni Orton, Melissa Taylor, and Cynthia Sumner have been immersed in these principles for years and are dedicated to empowering with knowledge so you may live a more powerful, purpose-driven life! If you are hungry for change, this is the training for you!

The event will kick off with yoga in the morning with Cynthia Sumner. Lunch will be provided by Raw Food Chef, Emily Ellers.

You will be taught in depth about:

  • Nutrition
  • Healthy food choices
  • Essential Oils and Aroma Therapy
  • The power of your thoughts
  • How to create with your thoughts
  • How to heal and release negative emotions

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