I wanted to share my feelings & thoughts I’ve had. Yesterday was what I’m

considering Day 1…the “I’m starting Monday” habit runs deep:) but
yesterday I felt I was having some very strong opposition coming from all
angles. I almost felt it comical because it seemed as though the entire
universe (my itty bitty world) was determined to see if I had the guts to
even make it through the first day! We had struggles with our son here. We
had struggles with our missionary son, “there” California…we’ve had
car issues, rather large ones:) kids needing money for sports, laundry,
dishes, projects not getting done & on and on…and yet I still felt very
light & buoyant!! I kept telling myself or rather realizing & saying in my
mind, “I have found a program that I can truly, TRULY see me living!! I can
truly see my body releasing weight… FOR KEEPS!!!

I know I was divinely led to your Word of Wisdom webinars…now at a time
when I’m receptive to it.  I reflect back & I wasn’t ready for this a
couple years ago, 5…10..20 years ago. I’m ready now & I am at such peace,
that I find it difficult to express.  I’ve heard you talk about the way you
felt before you began your own healing journey…anger, irritable, foggy,
depressed… heavy. These are words that I fortunately could relate with.
Feeling fortunate because when someone else identifies those feelings
you’re having & have experienced, you feel validation.  Then almost
immediately following is hope.



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  1. Way to go Amy!


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